Archive: An Interview with Greg Nisbet of Mediazoic

This is an effort for me to catalogue some writing from when I was an intern writing blogs and doing PR for a music studio after I graduated way back in 2010. I’ve managed to recover some old blog posts via the Wayback Machine. I’ve done some light formatting and editing because the typos are embarrassing.


  • Couldn’t find a blog post for this one, but I stumbled on the interview recording on my ancient SoundCloud account. What do you think the chances are of recovering my login? The posts are listed as “14 years ago.”
  • Mediazoic now looks to be known as RadioMogul.
  • I remember the experience being novel at the time. If I recall correctly, it was a link to streaming audio via iTunes or something along those lines.

Interview With Greg Nisbet of Mediazoic
Date Unknown, 2014

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