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This is an effort for me to catalogue some writing from when I was an intern writing blogs and doing PR for a music studio after I graduated way back in 2010. I’ve managed to recover some old blog posts via the Wayback Machine. I’ve done some light formatting and editing because the typos are embarrassing.

I don’t remember why I was called Companaro Jack.

Mini-Indie Interview: Hibou
June 18, 2010

Companero Jack the Interview Master here, with a sort-of-new segment for you.

I know you all love the interviews that I’ve been doing. In addition to them, I’m going to occasionally be doing short interviews with whatever indie artists happen to come into the studio. I have three of them recorded already, it’s just a matter of getting them posted. The first three are likely going to be a little rough because they were pretty much sprung on me as I walked into the studio. “You’re interviewing [band name].” So after a couple, I’ll have some set questions and they’ll likely flow a little bit better,

As always, I’ll be posting the full audio, which, by the way, is now all available on iTunes (I’m so legit now).

This first interview, which is actually the second that I did, was with two members of Hibou, Tracey and Sergio.

Credit to Melissa Moffat for the Photography.

Upcoming Shows:

NXNE Showcase
June 18 / Harlem Lounge, 67 Richmond East
Live Interview from Hyatt Regency Hotel on Indielove Radio at 1:30 pm.
Showcase at 1:00 am.

July 31 or August 1 / Yonge & Dundas Square
Check listings for exact date and time.

Church Street Fetish Fair
August 15 / Church-Wellesley Village

Slack’s (formerly Slack Alice)
August 19 / 562 Church Street

For more about Hibou and to hear some of their music, click on the links below.

CD available at Soundscapes