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This is an effort for me to catalogue some writing from when I was an intern writing blogs and doing PR for a music studio after I graduated way back in 2010. I’ve managed to recover some old blog posts via the Wayback Machine. I’ve done some light formatting and editing because the typos are embarrassing.

I don’t remember why I was called Companaro Jack.

Mini-Indie Interview: The Cosmic Eye
June 25, 2010

Companero Jack here. You guess it [collective groan] with another mini-interview. Three of the four members of The Cosimc Eye came in to chill for a bit.

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How are you guys finding the indie scene in Toronto, both from the perspective of being a part of it as well as from the perspective of a fan?
Mark: It’s cool, Steve and I were talking about it earlier today, it’s like the music industry right now is kind of at this state where it’s not failing, it’s just not as big as it was and it’s kind of changing. So bands are being able to do it themselves. They’ve got the luxury of doing that. Bands can now just record and put out albums, make their own merch and run their own show.

In terms of being an indie band, what sort of do-it-yourself or guerrilla-style production have you guys done?
Mark: The way we’re doing our record, we’re really lucky. There’s this studio in London called The OIART which is a recording school. They needed bands to record, so we went down there, and we were able to get a bunch of free sessions. So our rhythm tracks are all being done at this studio, and the rest of it is going to be done in a barn. We’re not paying much money to do it, we were lucky enough to stumble upon this. We’re kind of throwing our record together.
Kevin: We’re producing it too. I’ve done other recordings in other bands, this guy Greg Dawson sort of produces all the stuff he records. It’s a different sort of thing because producers always have this kind of stamp. They know what works and that’s what they want it to sound like. I’ve found that by doing it ourselves, it’s a different thing because we can kind of just be as weird and quirky as we want.

As far as events go, The Cosmic Eye is playing with two other bands, Sound One and Glory Glory Man United, at Rancho Relaxo on June 30th. Click here for the Facebook event page.

For more from The Cosmic Eye, check them out on MySpace, Twitter and their website.